Andres is an East San Jose native and lifelong resident. Andres began his educational career at San Antonio Elementary. Upon graduation from Mount Pleasant High School, he enrolled at Evergreen Valley College and subsequently transferred to San Jose State, where he earned a BA in Political Science and a Master of Public Administration. Andres' wide breadth of public policy knowledge is derived from his experience as staff at the City, County, State, and Federal levels of government.

Andres' dedication to his community is evidenced in his commitment to public service. Andres' demonstrated leadership has led his peers to elect him to lead various organizations. His commitment to public service has led Andres to change careers. Andres teaches at Evergreen Valley College; he joined the Political Science faculty in 2015.

Andres' most important job is that of husband and father. When they were looking to purchase their home, Andres and his family decided to stay and invest in his native East San Jose. Given that his children's educational future will be affected by the decisions he and his colleagues make today, Andres has a vested interest in ensuring that our schools succeed. Andres, his wife, and three children reside in the Ocala neighborhood of the Alum Rock School District.

Andres' proven leadership will move our schools forward. On November 8th, remember to vote Andres Quintero for Alum Rock School Board.